How to Block Calls from Your Android Phone

There comes a time when you want to block certain numbers from your phonebook. Sometimes, you don’t want to pick up calls from many of your friends. Many times you get calls from insurance company, car servicing, your cellular company and plenty of such. I’m sure just like me, you too don’t want to waste even a single minute of your life by talking to them. Well, as soon as you are using an Android phone with live wallpapers iphone 7 app, you need not to worry about it. You can simply block down such numbers so that you won’t get any calls from them in the future. If you are still unaware about the process of blocking such calls, know how to block calls from your Android Phone by following the report given here.

Note : There are many apps available on Android’s Play Store allow you to block such unwanted calls. However, you can do this without using any apps right from your smartphone.


HTC Smartphones

If you’ve got an HTC smartphone, you can easily block down calls right from your call history. Follow the steps now!

Step 1 : Open your Call History by tapping on Calls option.

Step 2 : You would see a list of all the calls that you’ve recently made or received.

Step 3 : Just long press on the number you want to get blocked. A list of options will be right there on your display.

Step 4 : You would see an option “Block caller”, tap that option.

Step 5 : You’re done! You’ve successfully blocked a particular number from your HTC Device.

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has got plenty of smartphones in its bucket. There are uncountable devices available to buy if you’ve a limited budget. Follow these steps to block calls from a Samsung smartphone.

Step 1 : Tap the phone app Call log from the apps menu and then the number you want to block.

Step 2 : On the same page, you would see an option, More. Tap on to that option which would be at the upper right side.

Step 3 : You would see an option “Add to auto reject list”, simply tap on to that option.

Step 4 : You’re done! You’ve successfully blocked down the selected number from your Samsung.

Sony Smartphones

The Sony Series doesn’t allow you to block calls from the call logs. For that, you have to send those number to the Voice calls list. Following steps will guide you to do so.

Step 1 : Open all apps and then tap on to the Contacts app.

Step 2 : Open the contact you want to block.

Step 3 : Once you tap the icon of a particular contact you would see an edit option there. Tap on to that option.

Step 4 : Select “All calls to voicemail” option from the opened menu.

Step 5 : You’re done! You’ve blocked that number. By now, whenever that person calls you, a voicemail will automatically starts and will ask him to leave a voice message.

LG Smartphones

Step 1 : Go to Settings and then tap on to Wireless option.

Step 2 : Open Calls option from the same page.

Step 3 : From the menu, tap Call reject option.

Step 4 : Here you would see a number of options. You need to add contacts to this list manually. Kindly do it by exploring the Reject calls list from the same page.

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